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Your Path to Financial Security

Wealth does not manage itself. Like a garden, it must be tilled and tended so it can grow through life's "seasons."

A Thoughtful Approach to Wealth Management

Our business is founded on the belief that successful wealth management is a lifelong process. Wealth evolves. You earn it, inherit it, invest it, spend it and donate it. You distribute wealth to your loved ones.

Wealth, of course, does not manage itself. Like a garden, it must be tilled and tended so it can grow through life's "seasons." Unmanaged wealth, like an overlooked garden, diminishes over time.

At Resnick Investment Advisors, we help people invest and protect wealth at every stage of life. Our seasoned professionals use every tool of wealth management in an effort to preserve your capital and maximize your returns. We're large enough to manage all your financial needs, yet small enough to give you the intensely personal service you deserve.

Our approach has passed the test of time. We've managed through market cycles, through economies weak and strong, through good times and tough times. In any climate, we are a steady hand.

Since our inception in 1990, Resnick Investment Advisors has achieved steady and significant growth in our client base and in total assets under stewardship. We are gratified that the bulk of our growth has come from clients recommending their friends and associates to us.

Proven expertise, personal service. That's how we help our clients manage their financial affairs with confidence. It's how we've earned their trust. It's how we can help you achieve your goals.

Investment Management Services

Professional investment management is the bedrock of our firm. Our investment process is built on these four cornerstones - personal planning, asset allocation, portfolio management, and personal service.

Personal Planning

Careful planning is the first step in every successful investment strategy. We learn about your background and your goals, focusing on key issues such as your investment time horizon, liquidity requirements, income needs, risk tolerance and return expectations.

We create a customized plan that serves as a blueprint for achieving your investment goals. Our approach combines the consulting skills of a financial advisor with the asset management skills of an investment manager. We build the right strategy for you and use the best tactics to implement that strategy.

Asset Allocation

Your holdings are allocated across a broad range of asset classes including equity, fixed income, real estate and alternative investments. Through this customized approach, we achieve the right balance between risk and reward, based on your specific needs.

Portfolio Management

We monitor and review your investments to make sure that satisfactory progress is being made toward your goals. Client meetings are held on a quarterly basis. When your circumstances change, or when market conditions warrant, adjustments are made to keep your portfolio in line with your investment goals.

Personal Service

Superior service is our hallmark. Our relationships are built and sustained on constant communication. It is our responsibility to recommend what we believe is appropriate for you, at all times.

Our clients tell us that clear, comprehensive reporting is a distinct Resnick Investment Advisors advantage. Real time information is available anytime via the reporting vehicle you select - phone, email, fax, web site, or personal visit. Large firms simply do no match our personalized reporting and communications.

Financial Advisory Services

While investment advice is our primary service, we've built our business on helping clients manage every major life event. Hundreds of clients have come to us for counsel on the financial implications of complex issues such as inheritance, divorce, retirement, education and career transition.

This capability sets us apart. Most investment managers have little experience in managing complicated transactions and events. They lack the tools and training needed to address tax, insurance, education and estate issues. The consequences can be significant.

Estate Planning

We have broad experience in helping clients plan their estates. We work with you and your attorneys to structure will and trust documents and titlement of assets, thus minimizing tax consequences.

We manage and invest your assets in a way that best meets your goals, maximizing the value of the future estate.

Insurance Analysis and Risk Management

Insurance needs can change several times over the course of a lifetime. So can insurance products. Our team has extensive experience in helping clients plan, evaluate, manage and adjust their coverage as conditions warrant. Our knowledge spans insurance for life, disability, long-term care, deferred compensation, annuities and business ownership.

Tax Planning

Tax implications of financial transactions are often complex. Careful planning can protect assets and save substantial sums. We work with you and your accountant to guide you through the tax thicket, advising on how to pursue strategies that preserve and protect your wealth. We monitor your investments to ensure that you maintain a tax-efficient portfolio.

Retirement Planning

We recognize the paramount importance of effective retirement planning. Tapping a wealth of expertise, we help you understand what you will need to retire in comfort and structure an investment plan to get you there.

Post Retirement Planning

We help you manage your investments after you retire so you can enjoy this special phase of life with peace of mind. This practice, often overlooked, is crucial to successful lifelong wealth management.

Education Planning

Our team carefully tracks opportunities to invest for educational purposes. Fully versed in the nuances of every option, we work closely with you to create a plan that works best for you and your children and grandchildren.

Advisory Services for Businesses

We provide a variety of services to business owners and their employees, including the formation of retirement plans, such as profit-sharing/401k plans and defined benefit pension plans. We consult on business valuation, business tax strategies, partnership and buy-sell agreements, as well as exit strategy and liquidation planning. Often, business owners benefit by retaining us to provide both their business and personal investment management and financial advisory services.

Financial Advice

Clients ask us to help with all kinds of financial decisions. We've advised on how to choose or refinance a home mortgage, whether to lease or buy an automobile, and how to select a retirement community. No issue is too small. It's part of our commitment to serve.

Our Fee Structure

Our fees are invoiced quarterly in arrears and based on the amount of assets under management. Deducted quarterly from your account, this fee covers your investment planning, portfolio management, performance evaluations, and reporting services, as well as the ongoing financial advice provided by your advisor. As independent fee-based advisors, our goals and your goals are the same: to protect and grow your assets.


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